Mussorrie Honeymoon Tour

Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, Mussoorie gets its name from the Mansur shrub that is commonly seen in here. Mussoorie Popular as Queen of the Hills, is at an altitude of 2000m and 34 km beyond Dehradun. Mussoorie is a popular destination for tourist throughout the year with its green hills, varied flora & fauna & Infrastructure enough to accommodate hordes of tourists jostling for it to escape the heat of the plains. It has snow in winter and is quite peaceful at that time. It offers a wonderful view of the Himalayan snow ranges to the north-east and the Doon Valley, Roorkee, Saharanpur and Haridwar to the South. Excellent climate makes it an attractive holiday resort. Thronged by holidayers, it vibrates with gaiety and merry making during the summer season. The Badrinath, Kedarnath, Bandar-poonch, Sri Kantha and Nanda Devi peaks can be seen from here Mussoorie is a premier tourism destination among tourists especially as it is the nearest hill station to Delhi.

Mussoorie, is honeymooner's paradise, summer resort and boarding school centre rolled into one. We recommend following Popular Sightseeing spots in Mussoorie:

The Mall : The lifeline of the hill resort of Mussoorie is undoubted ably the Mall. The Mall besides the series of shops offers wondrous vistas of the surrounding hills and the Doon Valley below. The tourists come together to enjoy the spectacular sunset.

Camel’s back road : Then you must check out the Camel's back Road in Mussoorie. The road owes its name to its shape that is curved like the back of the ship of the desert.

Gun Hill : From the Mall you may take a ropeway and visit the Gun Hill. The Gun Hill derives its name from the fact that in the old days a gun was kept atop the hill and was fired at mid-day to denote the time. From the Gun Hill, you can experience the magical view of the great Himalayan peaks and a bird's eye view of Mussoorie.

Excursions from Mussoorie

Cuisine : About 55km, an ideal spot for trekking. Naga Tibba is the highest peak around Mussoorie at 10,000 feet and is covered by thick forests.

Surkhanda Devi : Surkhanda Devi Temple at 10,000 feet, 35 km down the Mussoorie - Tehri road. Perched on a peak, the temple demands a stiff two-km climb form devotees. The temple, goes the legend, was built on the site where the head of Shiva's consort (Shiva is the destroyer in the Hindu trinity) fell after it was chopped off to stop Shiva's terrifying dance of death that was shaking the universe to its very core.

Yamuna Bridge : A great attraction for fishing. But you need a permit for that from District Forest Offices. Total distance is around 30 km.


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