Singapore Honeymoon Tour

Young or old, you will thoroughly enjoy the many wonderful Singapore experiences and places to visit, all of which offer great opportunities for families to bond and have a great time. With a wide variety of Singapore attractions each offering different kinds of entertainment – from the adventurous to the educational – you’ll have a hard time selecting where to visit if you only have little time here.

Pursue your creative endeavours
Singapore's vibrant arts scene is made up of many art museums, gallery and exhibition spaces, schools, arts groups and more. There’s a wide pool of brimming talents and this is testament to the quality output of local and international productions, which showcases the best and finest from all over the world.

Experience diversity like no other
Diversity doesn't get any wider than in Singapore. Being a multi-racial society, Singapore is home to a collage of communities, cultures and religions, each accompanied by a rich heritage that dates far back. Beyond just co-existing with one another, there is also mutual respect and this can be seen in daily interactions and festive celebrations.

Have the time of your life
If you’re looking for adventurous things to do, there are many sporting and recreational activities which you can participate in. This includes extreme ones sure to send your adrenaline skyrocketing, and also recreational ones which you can enjoy at your own leisurely pace. Sports is a popular past-time in Singapore and one of the reasons is because there of the numerous world-class facilities to cater to all kinds of sports. You’ll be surprised to know that even though Singapore has a tropical climate, you can find a “Snow City” here that offers selected winter sports. And that’s not all, you’ll also discover many other sports and activities to pursue while you’re here.

Singapore Zoo : Set in a world famous 'open-concept' rainforest environment, the award-winning Singapore Zoo houses 300 species and over 2,800 animals. Say hello to wolverines from Russia, then chill out with Singapore’s very own Inuka – the first polar bear born in the tropics – at his new Frozen Tundra home, which is closely modelled after the arctic habitat. Let your kids go wild at the Water Play area and Rainforest Challenge obstacle course, where they can play to their hearts’ content. Daily keeper demonstrations and contact sessions will also give your little ones a chance to get up close and personal with domestic animals

Santosa : Ride in tandem with your child on the Luge, the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. Suitable for all ages, the Luge is a unique wheeled gravity ride that gives you full control over your descent down a purpose-built Luge track. Choose between the 650-metre Jungle Trail and the 688-metre Dragon Trail, then go thrillingly fast or take a slow cruise all the way down. Next up - a trip on the Skyride for a fantastic panoramic view of the Singapore city skyline and coastline

Night Safari : Take the family on a wild night out at the world's first wildlife park for nocturnal animals, where you'll meet over 2,500 animals from 137 species (of which 38 per cent are threatened). Walk the Wallaby Trail and immerse yourself in the unique wildlife habitats of the Australian Outback and highland forests. Hop aboard the Night Safari Tram for a closer look at nature's insomniacs. Book the Gourmet Safari Express for a delicious spread of food and a free flow of wine. Then get acquainted with elusive owls and nimble binturongs at the Creatures of the Night Show.

Chinatown : Walk the path less travelled with the Red Clogs Down the Five-Foot-Way™ walking tour, which explores parts of Chinatown that other tours don't. Enter Thien Hock Kheng, the oldest Hokkien-Chinese temple in Singapore that's recognised by UNESCO for its cultural significance. Admire the architecture of pre-war shophouses and trace the lives of early Chinese immigrants. Venture into quaint Chinese trade stores, including one specialising in Traditional Chinese remedies and another in Ancestral Worship supplies. Then an unforgettable experience awaits you at the Chinatown Wet Market, where you'll learn about the herbs and spices used in traditional Chinese cooking.


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